"That they all may be one."

John 17:21

"President's Corner"

Mimi Llamas is President of the Church Council

As I look back on my previous President’s Corner messages, I see how excited I was to reach this point in time!! It’s sort of like looking forward to a special trip, or a special event. You are so anxious for the day to come! And yet, you have a nagging fear that it might not live up to your expectations. We have all experienced such things. Well, this wasn’t one of those times!!

This month has been all that we hoped it would be. July 2nd finally arrived, and Pastor Michelle Torigian arrived at our doorstep. We had been looking forward to this day for a long time. Many hours of conversation, many, many meetings for our search teams, lots and lots of prayers for guidance. The members of our congregation were getting antsy; they knew that it would take a good amount of time to find our new Senior Pastor. We wanted the best, of course.

Pastor Michelle hit the ground running, officiating at a funeral the first Friday she was here so that Pastor Herb would not have to do two funerals in one day. She began making hospital visits right away. She is our Pastor and we are learning to love her. I had asked you all to come to her first service and make her feel welcome. And in true St. Paul fashion, you did just that! Two hundred plus came to that service. We were not disappointed. It was truly a special day. After the service we joined together in the Activity Center for a sumptuous brunch prepared by our Culinaires. They totally outdid themselves. Fresh flowers from Scharf Farms decorated our tables. It was just an amazing and special day. Pastor Michelle’s lovely mother, Laureen Torigian, joined us that day and we fell in love with her too! What a way to begin the month!!!!

And while we are celebrating our new Pastor and helping her get acclimated to us, our church activities continue. For July, the biggest activity was our annual Vacation Bible School. That took place on Saturday, July 21st and by all accounts was a success. Over 20 children took part in the Rolling River Rampage. A great time was had by all!!! Such fun!!

As we look to August, there will be a LOT happening. The Summer Youth Musical will take place on the 10th, 11th and 12th. In addition, on the 12th a new event will be introduced – the Blessing of the Backpacks! Everyone attending school is encouraged to bring their backpacks to church for the Blessing by Pastor Michelle. In addition, there will be a collection of school supplies for Franklin School for their school year. On the 19th, we will celebrate Worship Service Volunteers Appreciation Day. All who assist in making our worship service possible are invited to attend for a light lunch and some great fellowship. The Annual Mingles and Singles Celebrate Summer Party will be held at Scharf Farm on August 25th starting at 6:30. I just have to believe you can find something in that lineup that you would like to take part in!!! Our St. Paul family likes to have fun and share times together.

As we look to the future, I am again encouraging all of you to come to church and get involved. We are moving forward; we want to be the church everyone wants to attend! But we need your help and your involvement! We have our Senior Pastor in place now. She is getting to know us and we her. This is an exciting time to be around the church – please come and join us!


Mimi Llamas, St. Paul Council President