"That they all may be one."

John 17:21

"President's Corner"

Mimi Llamas is President of the Church Council

From the President’s corner...

Summer has definitely arrived! As much as I whined about the cool rainy weather in June, I was kind of sorry when the 90+ heat showed up lately. I guess I am doomed to be frustrated with the weather. One thing for sure, I have no control over it!


July was busy for us, but not as busy as it’s going to get as we move into August and then into Fall. I don’t actually want to consider that it soon will be fall!! In the meantime, it seems like there is always action at St. Paul. We bid Dan Fry a goodbye and good luck with a lovely breakfast, thanks to the Fine Arts Committee. I’m sure Dan will be happy to at last begin his life with his new wife. We will miss Dan, but wish him well. The Search Team is working hard to find a replacement for Dan’s position. Hopefully they will have something to present to us in the near future. In addition to saying farewell to Dan, we also said our goodbyes to Patrick Kinney, our wonderful facilities manager. Patrick found himself in a position where he found it difficult to do some of the chores required of him in this position. We wished him our very best, shed a few sad tears to see him go, and prepared to find a replacement. Patrick’s professionalism and kindness set the bar pretty high for a new facilities manager, but our Personnel Board is already on the job to find his replacement. Prayers for Patrick and for our Personnel Board as they do their work.


I’m sure you remember when the Food Pantry was located in the house next to St Paul. When the Food Pantry moved to their new, bigger location, that house was rented to the Belleville School District for their BASSC Program. They have been excellent tenants. But as any house, it was in need of a few repairs and an interior paint job. So, the week of July 15th, a group of hearty souls put on their old clothes, found their paint brushes in the garage and headed for the BASSC house. Dave Hoffmann spearheaded the operation and we painted the rooms in the house. There were at least 15 volunteers during the 2 1⁄2 day project. It is so darn heart warming to our congregation come together for a simple project like that. It would cost us a ton of money to hire painters for a project like that, but it was done, and done so very well by our team – maybe we should hire ourselves out!!! Anyone who knows me, knows I hate to paint!! But this wasn’t bad. They let me do stuff that was low to the ground!! Thanks to all who participated. We thought of it as a local Mission Trip!!


And the last topic I want to discuss, is the Heritage Hall Project. The has been so much accomplished. It is just so exciting!! As I mentioned last month, there is a group of dedicated people spearheading this project. The original Heritage Hall Restoration Committee has been involved, some even coming in to do some work. Again, all the right people are involved. Since then, there are a host of contractors who have been involved, preparing bids and giving the team ideas. We now have a good idea of how to proceed and the costs associated with each part of the project. In the coming weeks, you will hear from Laura Strohm-Armstrong on a few Sunday mornings to keep you up to date on the progress of the update. The goal is to keep that beautiful space as it was with some updates that will make it a space that others will want to enjoy for their functions. We have a very generous benefactor who has made this all possible. In honor of his beloved wife MaryJean, Jerry Messick has pledged the bulk of the funds it will take to complete this project. But we will need some help from all of you. After crunching all the numbers, it appears that we can have our Heritage Hall looking splendid and up to date for around $26,000. That will be the amount we will be short after our incredible donation. I think we should be able to raise that amount! To think that we can do our Heritage Hall Restoration/Renovation for $26K is pretty amazing. So, think about a donation. Alice Jerome always believed this congregation would come through and finish this project. It has been a long time coming, and we are so close! Please, ask questions, take a look at the work that has taken place and look into the future. I know we can do it!!!


Have a great August!!! I am heading to the Caribbean for a cruise to celebrate the 50th Wedding Anniversary of my closest friends and their family. It will be great to get away, and I will look forward to telling you all about it next month.

See you all in church.

Mimi Llamas, Council President